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There are many different aftermarket intake manifolds available, but at Rotaryshack only the best performing, longest lasting, with a reasonable price tag make it to our shelves! From simple bolt on upgrade type manifolds to all out race sheet metal manifolds, Rotaryshack can get you the winning combination!

74/ 85 13B 4 port sidedraft DCOE

74/ 85 13B 4 port sidedraft DCOE intake manifold kit. Includes all gaskets needed for installation.

Price $200.00

74/85 13B 4 port IDA

74/ 85 13B 4 port IDA intake manifold kit. Includes all gaskets needed for installation.

Price $300.00

79/85 12a IDA

79/85 12a IDA style 4 port intake manifold .


84-85 13B 6 port IDA

84-85 13B 6 port IDA style intake manifold.

Price $350.00


86-88 13b Turbo IDA

86-88 13b turbo IDA style manifold.

Price $350.00

79-85 12a Side Draft Intake Manifolds

This one piece wrap around design is superior in many ways over the
original setup . first its one piece design provides uninterrupted air flow
maximizing flow capabilities, always keeping port velocity up .the long
manifold delivers unsurpassed torque improvement over the original setup also.These features combined with the equal length runners make this manifold a must for anyone looking for that x-tra power /torque to put them above the competition!available for the 40, 45, 48, and 50 DCOE weber carbs...will also fit Mikuni and Dell'orto carbs.

Price $235.00

Custom Sheet Metal Intake Manifolds

Custom sheet metal intake manifolds are available for any application! superior in flow capabilities maximizing power output. custom manifods can be taylored to your individual needs(more low end torque, or more top end power, etc,etc)

P rices start at $2,000 and go up.

12a intake manifold pictured.

Upper Manifold

Upper manifold available for a variety of applications listed below. will fit Weber, Mikuni,or Dell'orto carburators
this manifold bolts directly to the existing lower manifold for carburator conversions, an injector plug kit is also needed link
84-85 13B 6 port
86-88 13B 6 port
86-88 13B 4 port turbo
89-91 13B 4 port turbo
93-95 13B 4 port twin turbo

Peripheral Port Intake Manifold

Custom made to order in thickwall mild steel or stainless steel mandrel bends to outperforme all others!!silicone connectors and clamps are included!

Prices starting at $200.00 and up

Complete Carb kits also available - click here


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